A Marketers Life with a Start Up Brand- Building brand awareness and a social media audience.


Building a Facebook Following Base as a Grassroots Movement:

Cricket launched its first Social Media Campaign on Facebook for South Florida in the Summer of 2016.

For our Halloween Campaign initiative, Cricket partnered with local schools to deliver Halloween Safety Kits with the intention of promoting a safer Trick or Treating night.

What We Kept in Mind?

1. Customer Segmentation: We wanted to keep in mind the customer we were targeting. Facebook, was the perfect tool, as most of our customer segmentation spent a significant amount of time on Facebook.

2. Problem: We wanted to keep in mind, “What is the problem I am solving for my client”. Our main focus, was to utilize Facebook in two ways, build the brand and drive traffic into our retail locations. We did this, by creating customized events that tailored to a unique in store experience that was available for a limited amount of time. We not only wanted the customer to come into the store but we wanted to increase the amount of time their visit lasted.


Cricket saw an increase of 25% in overall sales for participating locations. Video engagements totaled 2,000 views and Facebook delivered 9,192 impressions.