I graduated from the University of Florida in 2009 with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. I fell in love with consumer behavior and through it found my passion in Marketing. At the time, Facebook was just a startup, grasping attention from college students who felt exclusive to the network. I am part of the older millennial generation that missed out on the big tech boom at career fairs, and so I thought let me start off by creating a blog that focuses on just that, digital marketing. Marketing may have changed in how content is delivered, but the four Ps still remain as the foundation to any successful campaign.


I experienced my first internship at Macy’s Inc. as a Merchant Intern for Ladies’ and Men’s Fragrances. My team and I worked in both the buying, planning, and media planning for brands such as Chanel, Coty, Givenchy, etc. It was in this role that I not only experienced how big and profitable the beauty industry was but I also learned the importance retail floor placement and traffic flows play for all retailers and vendors.

I started my sales leadership career at AT&T where I helped launch AT&Ts UVerse Video and Fiber. My team and I created a new sales strategy that would enable consultants to evaluate current customer revenue and customer behaviors in order to position newly launched technical products. I have had the amazing opportunity to lead six sales teams in two markets (Florida and Georgia) resulting in the promotion of 15 of my team members and sales results at the top 5% of national performance.

Following the guidance of my Director of Sales and Vice President, I joined AT&Ts startup brand Cricket, as a Senior Marketing Manager. Leading social media, digital media, marketing strategy, project management, and campaign management for the South Florida Region. Our newly established partners on customer engagement campaigns include Samsung, Deezer, and Sony Latin music. Through our customer engagement campaigns we have been able to bring to life, “Giving Customers Something to Smile About” #STSA.